A New Year, a New Blog

Allreet Kids, how’s it hanging?

So I sarcastically commented that my New Years Resolution would be to fail to make more blog posts. Then I thought to myself, “well, could at least try eh?”. I’ve not been happy with the old Tumblr format for a while now, but haven’t really had the willpower to do anything about it. After some coasting around I’ve come across WordPress, which seems more promising.

I’m still figuring it out – the list of features WordPress has over Tumblr is frankly rediculous – but there are several things I prefer about it. The biggest one for me is that I can actually host my pictures on it directly, rather than having to labouriously upload them to Photobucket, only to crosslink them and have Tumblr mangle their resolution because it has no concept of the phrase “auto-formatting.”

If this picture was on Tumblr, I'd look positively skinny!

Also it has captions, which I just noticed. Awesome. As well as this it has the ability to leave comments unlike Tumblr, so if you feel so inclined you can post here rather than having to go back to my Facebook to insult me/chastise me/mock me. Actually, I’m not entirely sure that is a plus…

So anyway. HELLO 2012! Please don’t kill me!

Fuck off Roland Emmerich!

2012 is, as everyone has been annoyingly aware of for a while now, when we’re all due to up and die. Now admittedly the fact that the BBC News website has the articles “Is Obama Doomed in 2012?” and “European Leaders warn of grim 2012” right next to each other on their newsfeed doesn’t exactly warm the cockles of your heart. However, I think it’s safe to say that an ancient tribal civilization that vanished the second they heard the echo of the word “Spaniard” are highly unlikely to have been able to predict the imminent plague/rogue planet collision/nuclear Apocalypse or whatever bullshit theory is trawling the internet right now.


Which is all just as well, as frankly I’ve still got quite a bit planned to do. Five months into the Raiding of Canada, and whilst it hasn’t all gone absolutely swimmingly I can still happily say that so far, things have mostly been a success. Although I’m beginning to think that naming my Blog(s) ‘Raiding Canada’ might have been a touch to expansive. Between money and time constraints, a better name may have been ‘Raiding Toronto and anything nearby that doesn’t cost much’, but I guess that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so well.

On the horizon though are hopefully trips to (not necessarily in this order), Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Algonquin National Park andNew York City. With a grand road trip comprising of Chicago, Winnepeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Quite how we’re going to do all this and raise enough money to get out to New Zealand by August is something I haven’t quite figured out yet mind.

Still, it’s quite surreal to think that I’m here at all. The last few years have been more than a touch random, and I still keep thinking that if it hadn’t been for a random invitation from a cousin to a meal at an otherwise largely depressing affair, my life would have gone off on such a wildly different fucking tangent I’d probably still be in Devon, going mad with hate and rage in a menial dead end job, trapped forever.

Alternate Me. Keep away from those Transporters!

So to sum up. 2011 – Shitty start, built to a great finish. 2012? Smeg knows, but I look forward to finding out!

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