Epic Fail

I finally got around to trying to sort out that new blog I’ve been tossing ideas around for the last few weeks. Something that will evoke a more general sense of travel and discussion, something that can accommodate my occasional tendency to review the latest game or film I’ve seen, something that doesn’t have Canada in the name when I’m not in Canada any more.

So I laid down some dollars, not an insignificant number of them either, fired up a new blog and got cracking!

This guy ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Then after a few hours of playing around I realised that not only have I just blown a big chunk of cash on upgrades that I didn’t really need but sounded good at the time, but I also discovered whilst playing around with the WordPress settings that I can simply rename this damned blog to something else without having to make a new one!

I’m trying to get a refund out of WordPress now and their customer service seems pretty good and they offer a 30 day return, so here’s hoping! Otherwise, well, see above.

On the flipside I’ve got a whole bunch of articles I’d been working on that I was going to upload to the new blog rather than post here which now, hah, I can. So at least that should cover some updates for a while and perhaps even allow for some regularity. Probably not though.

Anyway! I am literally under a week away from leaving Toronto. It’s kind of a bitter-sweet feeling. I’ve had a fantastic time here for the most part, the only real exception being the horrible summer weather, but on the other hand I feel like I’m done here. Does that sound ungrateful? I suppose I could happily spend plenty more days here – it’s not like I’d have much to be getting on with if I went home right now! – but I feel like we’ve covered everything pretty well. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen more of Toronto than most Torontonians now. From the Islands to the Zoo, Concert Hall to Expo Hall, The Beaches to Roncesvalles…this is a city I’ve seen more of than I have of London I’m pretty sure. Beyond that I saw the other London, I’ve seen Niagara Falls – which I suspect even with Oz and New Zealand ahead of me will be a challenge to beat – I’ve seen Kirkland Lake and Northern Ontario and I’ve even seen Montreal.

Montreal was especially awesome, and I’ll go into that in more detail when I load up one of those pre made articles, but my point is that I feel like I can leave Canada with my head held high. We’ve still got that massive three-day coach trip across Canada to…look…forward to…?


And four days in Vancouver which I think safely sits on somewhat firmer ground in the surety stakes. I would have liked to do more, fuck I would have liked to actually spend two years in this country like we had originally planned, but beyond my extreme pleasure of even making it to New Zealand after all the uncertainty earlier on in the year the fact that I don’t entirely feel like I’ve wasted my time here helps quite a lot.

Obviously I haven’t been Captain Active as I’ve had to hold down a regular job to make sure I didn’t experience any sort of financial collapse. My job at Atlas has actually gone pretty well for me as I’ve managed to actually ‘Make’ money – a rare and unusual experience for me to be sure. As such I’ve actually managed to recoup the high opening costs of this trip, meaning I get to go to New Zealand with more than a few pennies. This also helps stave off the panic attacks, which is nice. I remember when I interviewed for my job with SIG I came out with the line “I don’t get stressed easily”, a lie so massive in it’s magnitude that it actually caused several planets elsewhere in the Universe to detonate purely out of surprise. The fact that my biggest worry now is trying not to have a panic attack whilst I’m on the plane is actually comforting in a weird, not-all-that-comforting-now-I-think-about-it kind of way.


That aside though I think I’ve done the best I could with the time and resources available and I don’t really have any regrets beyond the whole two year thing. The fact that this is beginning to realistically look like it could go for the ‘Five Year Plan’ like we’d optimistically suggested back when we started this thing only serves to make this all the more awesome.